Transferring Whatsapp data from iPhone to Android with MobileTrans crdprocc, bvcvvsu

Recently, we covered how you could transfer your Whatsapp data from an iPhone to your PC by using MobileTrans. Helping those who may want to switch to Android as well, we’re back with this new piece covering how you could transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android .
Starting, initially, you need to download the MobileTrans application and then install it. Once done, you’ll be presented with the following home screen:
Now that we’ve covered all of this, is MobileTrans free? Like all good things – from chocolates to roses – no. Although you can download the app and use a few features for free, to use the Whatsapp transfer feature, you need to subscribe to one of two plans:
This will then allow you to use the app for your intended purpose.
To conclude, there are other ways you can use it for transferring data from your iPhone to an Android device. These include the in-built WhatsApp chat backups, exporting chats via email, and the use of other transfer applications.
However, their usage all boils down to the ease that they offer and for those that are not tech-savvy, going with a one-in-all program may be the best. Nonetheless, being paid is truly a con for MobileTrans which they can work on by offering just a few features for free intended to attract loyally.
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