The Human Element of Zero Trust russiancarderscc, carderproru

One weak link in a chain is all that’s needed to topple a cyberdefense. Sometimes this comes down to an errant line of code in a hastily developed API, inadequate penetration testing, or old, unpatched, exploitable code hidden deep within a legacy system. But more often than not, it’s because of the actions of an individual – a single person who clicks on a malware payload within a phishing email, or who allows someone to physically access a workplace unchallenged, or whose work-from-home office features a Wi-Fi router that was never properly secured. Effective cybersecurity demands a zero trust platform. Based on the whitepaper entitled Proactive Cybersecurity Beyond COVID-19: Understanding the Technical and Human Challenges in an Interconnected World, this blog discusses what cybersecurity professionals need to know about implementing zero trust architecture.
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russiancarderscc carderproru