Reliance Jio’s Coronavirus Symptom Checker App Exposes Users Data pois0n cc shop, cc cvv shop

A security error with Reliance Jio’s Coronavirus Symptom Checker App exposes its core database to the Internet without a password.
The COVID-19 symptoms checker app was launched by India’s largest cell network provider Jio in late March, this app allows users to check from their phone for COVID-19 infection.
The security error was first observed by security researcher Anurag Sen on May 1 and contacted TechCrunch to notify the company.
TechCrunch contacted Reliance Jio and the database contains reports of users’ Covid-19 tests that were taken offline quickly.
The leaked database includes millions of results starting from April 17 to the time it was taken offline.
The database also contains details such as a person’s user agent, user’s precise location if they allowed the app to track the location.
Most of the users found to be from Mumbai and Pune, few users signed up from the United Kingdom and North America.
“We have taken immediate action,” said Jio spokesperson Tushar Pania. “The logging server was for monitoring performance of our website, intended for the limited purpose of people doing a self-check to see if they have any COVID-19 symptoms.”
The company not provided any details about how it informs the users about this security error.
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