Notorious Ransomware Gang Arrested in Ukraine – GBHackers carding buy cc, cc carding buy

A ransomware gang has been arrested recently in Ukraine, the gang has two members and both of them were arrested.
This was a joint international law enforcement operation that was conducted by several law enforcement agencies with the coordination of Europol.
The threat actors were arrested on September 28, in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. And after that, the officials investigated them and came to know that among two members, one of them was a 25-year-old deemed to be a significant member of a large ransomware operation.
On completion of the investigation , the law officials have summoned the results of the action day, and here are the outputs mentioned below:-
As we said above that this arrest was a joint operation, by many law enforcement body, so, that’s why we have mentioned the law enforcement agencies those who took part in this joint law enforcement operation:-
These threat actors were being suspected of committing a string of targeted attacks on April 2020, against very large industrial groups in Europe and North America.
Apart from this, it was being also noted that the two suspects are members of the REvil ransomware gang. However, the whole operation was being carried out in the framework of the European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats, and not only this but Europol has fully supported the investigation and tried to bring together all the affected countries to establish a joint strategy.
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