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With 2020 being a year unlike anyone expected, setting your resolutions and goals for 2021 can be a bit of a daunting task. Usually, we resolve to travel more, or spend more time with friends and family in the new year, but as we continue to navigate this global pandemic, it can be a bit difficult to know what we can achieve during our “now normal” ( not a typo !).
As a cybersecurity professional, though, one thing is certain for 2021 – you will need to dedicate time beyond your working hours to the field. Not just for CPE requirements as an (ISC)² member, but because – as Erika Sloane in Mission: Impossible would say – that’s the job.
You have many ways to work on your professional development but consider this: write for the (ISC)² Blog. Right here, you can share your expertise and experience with fellow professionals (plus earn CPE credits for doing it).
In the past year, you’ve likely accomplished things in your career you weren’t expecting to – maybe you helped transition a remote workforce in just a few days, or perhaps you had to support cybersecurity remotely for the first time. You learned a lot through those experiences, and many others, so taking the time to share them with your colleagues in the cybersecurity field is part of what we want to accomplish on this blog.
Here are some member-submitted posts we published in 2020 –
We would love to share more from our members in 2021. You can send your blog topic submissions – or fully written posts (recommended length is 500-1000 words) – to , along with your member ID #. If you have questions about the process, feel free to ask us there or on the (ISC)² Community !
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