New Silence hacking group suspected of having ties to cyber-security industry lord and taylor cc, buy cc from dark web

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Credits: ABC News
At least one member of a newly uncovered cybercrime hacking group appears to be a former or current employee of a cyber-security company, according to a new report released today.
The report, published by Moscow-based cyber-security firm Group-IB, breaks down the activity of a previously unreported cyber-criminal group named Silence.
According to Group-IB, the group has spent the last three years mounting silent cyber-attacks on financial institutions in Russia and Eastern Europe.
The group went undetected for years, mainly because of its predisposition for using legitimate apps and tools already found on victims’ computers, in a tactic known as “living off the land.”
But Silence also created their own tools, such as:
These tools, coupled with the group’s lay-low tactics helped it go under the radar for far longer than many of its counterparts.
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