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SD cards are small-sized non-volatile memory devices used to store data such as photos, videos, text documents, etc. SD cards come in different patterns like Micro SD card, SDXC, SDHC, etc.
Even though SD cards are renowned for their portability but they are vulnerable to data loss. Scenarios like SD card corruption, formatting or reformatting, accidental or intentional deletion, abrupt removal of micro SD card or memory card, etc. can cause SD card data loss.
Deleting a photo on the SD card is just like deleting a photo on a computer using shift + delete keys, which permanently erases the data file without leaving a backup copy in the bin.
Since you cannot undelete photos on the SD card using ctrl + Z keys as you might do on a Windows computer. Photo deletion on your SD card means deleting a photo forever.
If you have maintained a backup of your important photos before deletion. Then you can restore them without any ambiguity or else move on to know how to recover deleted or lost photos instantly.
Utilize   Yodot Photo Recovery Software, a prominent tool to recover deleted photos from the SD card in just 4 steps. 
Yodot Photo Recovery software is an advanced deleted photo recovery tool, which works on read-only mode to precisely analyze the SD card to recover deleted and lost photos securely.  Yodot Photo Recovery is user-friendly software to recover photos of different formats like PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, Raw image file and many more.
Quick note: Adding any photo, video or file on your SD card after photo deletion can hinder complete photo recovery. The wise thing to do at such times is to stop using your SD card until you don’t recover complete files from it.
Before you start the deleted photo recovery process, download and install the Yodot Photo Recovery software on the computer and connect the SD card via data cable or with any other mode to start the deleted photos recovery from the SD card.
Step 1: Launch Yodot Photo Recovery software and select the Photo Recovery option.
Step 2: Choose the Deleted Photo Recovery option to recover deleted photos.
Step 3: Select the SD card on which you have deleted photos and click Next.
Note:  After a quick scan, the software will display the recovered photos, videos, and other media files from the SD card. You can also preview the restored photos or videos for free.
Step 4: Now, Save the recovered photos in a location of your choice.Note:  It is suggested to not save the recovered photos or files in the same drive from where you lost.
Why choose Yodot Photo Recovery Software?
This article has given you comprehensive knowledge about deleted photo recovery from SD cards. Remember to take a backup of all your important files to avoid any data loss or make use of Yodot Photo Recovery, a reliable tool to safely recover photos, videos, audio, documents, etc. in any data loss situation.
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