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During the lunch break in one-day training on cybercrime, President medal awardee inspector Luxmi Devi from Bhiwani approached head of the Digital investigation training and analysis centre (DITAC) and asked for help.
“Kindly brief us on collection of evidence and collating it in a proper manner in cyber crime cases,” she requested Jitender Gahlawat, deputy superintendent of police who is heading the DITAC.
Gahlawat said there would be a separate session on the topic and all queries of the participants would be cleared in the training module.
The one-day training — ‘Technical aspects in investigation of crime against children and women’ — was the first of its kind for station house officers of women’s police station across the state. A total of 22 SHOs participated in the training and they were enthusiastic about learning new facts in handling cybercrime.
“We enjoyed the training and learnt a lot of new concepts that will help us in handling cybercrime pertaining to women and children,” said Devi, SHO of Bhiwani women police station. Devi is credited with solving embezzlement of ₹45 crore by panchayat representatives in the year 2010.
Inspector general of police Anil Kumar Rao, CID, who was chief guest for training, gave directions in connection with improvement of investigation skills, especially in cases of crime against children and women.
He said the training focused on what type of information is collected from an electronic device and how the same is helpful in tracking crime and criminals. The participants were also apprised on the steps required for an electronic evidence to be put strongly in the court of law.
There were sessions on capacity building through providing knowledge of IT Act 2000 and advanced techniques of CDR (call detail records) analysis. The police would also start a special campaign in schools and colleges regarding awareness of cybercrime cases against children and women.
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