APT Group Use Voice-Changing Software to Impersonate Women as Part of Espionage Attacks m&s cc, non cvv sites

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The middle eastern threat group known as APT-C-23 are targeting male soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces in an attempt to get their victims to download and install malware.
I’ve seen plenty of spear phishing attacks in my day. I’ve also seen lots of great social engineering . And attackers have been evolving their tactics, using longer and longer campaign efforts as they get more and more targeted in their attacks.
The latest campaign documented by security researchers at Cado Security highlights an espionage-focused attack where social media platforms including Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are used to initially connect with soldiers, sending voice recordings (via voice-changing software) to establish that the attackers are actually women.
Once engaged, victim soldiers are sent video laden with malware to infect IDF systems and provide the threat actors with access.
While certainly not at the level of deepfake audio , this use of audio as a social engineering medium demonstrates that attackers see the need to establish credibility with more than just domains, email addresses, logos, and email content.
m&s cc non cvv sites