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Nowadays, hacking becomes known to everyone, as this term has been around for a great time now. Well, the very first reported case of hacking dates back to the early 1960s at MIT, where both the terms, ‘Hacking’ and ‘Hacker’ was stamped. Since then, hacking has developed broadly comprehended discipline for the computing society. 
In this article, we will simply discuss about the 5 best-dedicated academies to learn ethical hacking.
Whether you’re involved in settling your first IT security job, developing your career as a full-time white-hat hacker, or planning to test the Security of your residence network, here we have provided you a top 5 best-dedicated academies to learn Ethical hacking & cyber security online. 
As learning ethical hacking course will help you keep your systems secure from cybercriminals.
Therefore, becoming a Certified security professonal can be a brilliant career move and will be amazingly Profitable, with average salaries of $90k. Hence, we have listed the top 5 academies for learning ethical hacking online. Moreover. let’s get started and simply explore the whole content that we have mentioned below.
Now, apart from all these things, let’s discuss the top 5 ethical hacking academies briefly based on the quality content, technical support, student friendly, practical labs, content accessibility, skilled trainers, active users and more.
Well, ethical hackers academy is one of the worlds most trusted and popular academies in hackers’ field.
Ethical Hackers Academy is a global E-learning platform dedicated to teach advanced Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Skills for students from more than 100 countries.
The main motive of this organization is to accommodate a global learning stage for cyber-security, where peoples are learning new skills and accomplishing their goals by studying several courses from specialists and security experts. 
As we discussed with Ethical hackers academy experts, There are 200k+ students are signed up from more than 100 countries and 1.5 lakhs certificates has been issued to students that helps them to boost their cybesecurity career to next level.
The 24/7 live technical support that they provide will help students to interact with their security experts online.
As they simply rethink teaching from the bottom up and this academy is committed to creating the best learning adventure inside and out. The courses here are formed by experts to maintain your course and achieve the goal.
This academy is a combined, the highly flexible web interface that enables users full license. Thus each course carries a complete set of class lectures presented in a high-quality video followed by such other course elements as programs, recommended readings, and problem sets.
Usually, several peoples get tangled while starting or picking their careers in the cybersecurity field. Thus, peoples, those are interested in hacking then Ethical hacking is the best among all the academy. As the Ethical Hackers Academy has the best guiders and experts, not only for the beginner but also it provides more guidance to the people who want to learn all advanced hacking skills.
As we said earlier, Ethical Hackers Academy is a global learning program for learning cyber security, where people can learn new skills and accomplish their goals by studying several courses from specialists. Moreover, the Ethical Hackers Academy rethink education from the bottom up, as we said above.
Here are the list of course Division that Ethical Hackers Academy offers:- you can explore all the  courses here .
After the Ethical Hackers Academy, now we have offensive Security. Well, professional penetration testers who are operating for Offensive Security have designed the Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE) certification. Followers of the program can easily learn and determine how to detect vulnerabilities and different loopholes in various operating systems and execute attacks in an arranged manner. 
Well, all of their training completes in the final exam, a remotely received unprotected network that scholars must negotiate within 48 hours. Thus, offensive Security is one of the most acclaimed websites to study ethical hacking. The website presents several online classes, live courses, and in-house training programs. Well, the students can become a certified ethical hacker by engaging in their certification exams like OSCP, OSWP, OSCE, and OSEE. 
There are some main courses that offensive Security provides and they are:-
Cybrary is one of the fastest-growing, fastest-moving catalogs in the hacker industry. Thus, by operating with an elite community of professors, specialists, and opinion leaders, as well as making edge hands-on knowledge providers, they deliver consistent and high-quality content that is available anytime, anywhere. 
However, Cybrary allows multiple sources for the newcomer ethical hacker, including a learning guide to the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam and a micro-course on ethical hacking and penetrating testing along with Kali Linux. Not only that, but it also hosts a few blog posts that describe what ethical hacking is and how learners can use Cybrary to fit themselves as an ethical hacker. Well, one of those articles even sets forth a research program for what Cybrary-specific courses learners should take if they hope to become an ethical hacker one day. 
Cybrary allows free online education for the more and most complex issues in the IT sector that was begun in 2015. Thus, this website encourages a community of people to keep up-to-date in the area, free lessons and knowledge materials, and the opportunity to connect with companies in the industry.
Basically, Cybrary comprises a wide range of hacking problems, including:-
Besides their vast range of courses, they also provide material specific to certifications including A+, Linux+, Network+, Security+, and can also qualify you for MCSA, CCNA, CISA, CASP, CISSP, and various other certifications. Therefore, Cybrary is a comprehensive free tool for learning and can assist any newcomer, just springing or help advanced hackers take their abilities to the next level.
Next, we have the pentester academy. This academy offers one of the most extensive, hands-on, and technically challenging classes in the industry. All of their classes are beginner-friendly and excite from the very basics of the topic. 
After it covers all relevant concepts, they always introduce the learner to more high-level issues. Thus, most of their classes are within 6-12 hours in length period to assure that the learner is equipped with enough depth of learning to understand the subject. Their course professors are real-world practitioners and realize that teaching how to review Security under “ideal” situations is of limited value. 
Therefore, they place great importance on creating scenarios that are as close to real-world conditions as possible.
Hence, they enable all the students to utilize what they learn at Pentester Academy directly into real-world pentesting assignments. Therefore they challenge their learners to think out-of-the-box as most real-world circumstances are different and usually cannot have pre-determined tailor-made resolutions.
Moreover, since 2011, Pentester Academy and SecurityTube Training have instructed thousands of specialists from more than hundreds of Enterprises from over 90+ nations worldwide. Well, their online customers involve professionals from companies such as HP, KPMG, PWC, ING, KCG, McAfee, Symantec, VMWare, Adidas, Checkpoint, IBM, Phaseone Mobile, New York Times, BMC Software, Bank of America, GE and government companies from all around the world.
Lastly, we have the EH academy, this academy’s primary mission is to Secure a technology foundation through excellent education, design future Information & Cybersecurity specialists. They have entrance to the courses that are different and exhilarating. 
Thus their courses are not restricted to a specific segment but comprising a number of the subject matter.
They have committed working specialists on a council with years of experience and skill in the course tutor, and not only that even they also have outstanding experts in every particular subject matter.
Moreover, they guarantee you that whatsoever you learn from their fantastic courses will not go in vain by any means. For this, they present each valuable student certificate as per their performance as its a global learning community as their students come from every country from all around the world. Whether you are involved in programming, penetration testing, wireless & network Security, web credentials to system security, you will get everything.
Well, there is no purpose or intention to make you force to take any paid course or free course, as here simply tried to make you understand and know the best 5 academies that you can opt to start your career in this field. So, if you are getting excited about your cyber-security career this 2020 then don’t worry, as with millions of free sources accessible online, cyber-security specialists have made it simpler than ever to become a certified ethical hacker. 
Whether you see to hack commercially or for fun, getting a start on the basics of internet security is essential. Hacking is not only a fun experience to develop, but can demonstrate to be beneficial when assessing and working out complicated or critical situations. Thus we have provided you the best 5 academies for learning ethical hacking along with some extra information. Such as what is ethical hacking? Its importance? What are the types, etc.? 
So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below. And if you liked this post, then simply do not forget to share this article with your friends, family, and on your social media profiles.
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